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CDG Provides Custom Services for Commercial Furniture to Meet Your Unique Needs.

CDG has years of experience in both wholesale and custom-made restaurant furniture, and can provide you with the highest quality solutions based on your specific needs.

We specialize in providing the highest quality restaurant and commercial indoor furniture, whether it's for your hotel, restaurant, or resort. We offer a variety of restaurant furniture, including tables, chairs, and more, all made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and functionality in any indoor commercial environment. Our design team pays attention to details and strives for a simple, stylish design that complements various indoor environments. At the same time, we provide professional planning and matching services to ensure that customers can enjoy the best dining experience. Our planning and matching services include design solutions such as furniture selection, placement, and color coordination to ensure customers get the perfect dining experience. We are committed to seeking localized distributors and offering customized production and wholesale services based on your market and target customers. Our customer service team is always ready to provide you with help and support to help you better expand your market. Let us work together to help more restaurants plan and match the best dining environment and bring the best dining experience to their customers. Browse our store, choose your favorite indoor furniture, and let us provide you with professional planning and matching services.

Your Idea
Your Idea

Let us inspire you with our nice design chairs for your outdoor restaurant


According to your ideas, CDG will provide you with the most suitable products and product matching schemes, so that you can save time, effort and worry in the process of purchasing.


Save your purchasing cost, transportation cost, time cost and labor cost with the best scheme.


CDG have a regional protection policy to protect our customers' share in the local market.


CDG can provide a variety of packaging methods to protect your products in all directions,And also have a professional loading team to solve the product transportation problems.

After-sale Service
After-sale Service

The professional sales team will follow up the whole process from your order to the delivery. If you are not satisfied with the product after receiving it, you can also contact us at any time. We will serve you 24 hours online.

CDG Exhibition Information

I am happy to inform you that we regularly participate in various furniture exhibitions and welcome you to visit our booth. At the exhibition, you will have the opportunity to view our product line, learn about our brand story, and have face-to-face conversations with our furniture designers.
Dubai Index Fair
German Spoga Fair
China Imm Fair

Unique Solutions for Different Customers' Needs

CDG is not selling products only ,for our different types of customers,such as wholesaler & retailer/Project/Rental/Supermarket/online retailer/Chain Restaurant etc..We provide matching products for your real need. Sourcing furniture is daunting,CDG makes it a total pleasure.
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Commercial & Restaurant Furniture Wholesaler & Retailer

For wholesale and retail customers, We appreciate your decision to become our partner in custom restaurant table and chair furniture. We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and services to meet your needs and the needs of your customers. We understand that in a competitive market, you need more support and services to help you develop and grow your business. Therefore, we offer the following services and support:

1.Product photography:We provide high-quality product photography and video shooting services to help you better showcase our products and attract more potential customers.

2.Product sample support:We provide product sample services so that you can better understand the quality and craftsmanship of our products. This will help you better showcase our products to your customers and provide better purchasing advice.

3.Installation and debugging instructions:We provide detailed installation and debugging instructions so that you and your customers can more conveniently install and use our products.

4.Local customer and project recommendations:We can recommend some local direct customers for you, which will help you better develop your business.

5.Quality assurance:Our products undergo strict quality inspections and testing to ensure that they meet international standards. If you encounter any quality problems during use, please let us know and we will provide after-sales service as soon as possible.

6.Market analysis:We will help you conduct market analysis so that you can better understand local market trends and customer needs. This will help you better understand the market and customers, and better promote our products.

7.Training support:We provide training support, including product knowledge and sales skills, to help you better understand our products, improve your sales skills, and provide better service to customers.

8.Product trend:We will regularly update product trends and design directions to ensure that our products are always up-to-date, and provide information and suggestions on market trends.

9.Marketing expansion support:We provide marketing expansion planning support, including advertising and promotional material support, exhibition promotional material design support, etc., to help you expand your business and open up new markets.

Indoor bar furniture
Indoor velvet chair
Outdoor metal chair

Chain Restaurant

CDG have an independent R & D department, which can meet your customized needs.

1.CDG factory have 200 workers,can produce more than 6*40HQ every month. And our factory has passed BSCI, FSC and other certifications. CDG Professional processes can highly meet your needs.

2.We have rich experience in design and matching, and can tailor personalized furniture decoration plans according to the customer's brand positioning and needs, and provide comprehensive site planning services.

3.We have worked with many well-known brands such as McDonald's, KFC, Panda Express, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks, providing them with high-quality design solutions and furniture products, and receiving their high praise and recognition. These cooperation experiences not only enrich our technology and service capabilities, but also enable us to better understand the needs and market trends of various brand restaurants. We will continue to be dedicated to providing the most forward-looking and competitive design solutions and furniture products for major well-known chain restaurants, creating comfortable, beautiful, and unique restaurant environments for them.

4.To facilitate customers' matching choices, we also provide a series of matching products such as tablecloths, furniture covers, blankets, cushions, chair covers, decorations, pillows, etc., to help customers easily match their desired furniture style in a one-stop manner.

5.Our service philosophy is customer-centered, and we provide customers with high-quality service and the highest quality products, and follow up and assist customers throughout the implementation of the decoration plan. We look forward to partnering with major well-known brand restaurants to create a comfortable, beautiful, and unique dining environment.

KFC Wooden furniture
Pizza Hut metal furniture
Domino's Metal chiar

Commercial & Restaurant Project

Different projects need different furniture.CDG can provide you with indoor and outdoor furniture products suitable for various occasions,Such as restaurant, coffee shop ,hotel, resort... You can quickly choose the right products according to your needs on our website, or contact our customer service personnel to provide you with the required products quickly.
Wedding party wire chair
Indoor restaurant  wooden furniture set
Event crossback chair

Event Furniture Rental Company

Light, atmospheric and durable tables and chairs are convenient for you to rent. CDG have rich colors and design styles furniture, which is suitable for different fashion style needs and any scene. Stackable way saves you more space and transportation costs.
Banquet metal chair
Event furniture
Party metal chair

Commercial & Restaurant Furniture Supermarket

From sample to qualification,CDG have professional staff to follow up,which let you rest assured and easily choose products that satisfy you. CDG has a professional production, technology and service team. We have passed BSCI, FSC and other certifications, provides you with professional and guaranteed services in an all-round way.
Shopping mall

Commercial & Restaurant Furniture Online Retailer

From sample to qualification,CDG have professional staff to follow up,which let you rest assured and easily choose products that satisfy you. CDG has a professional production, technology and service team. We have passed BSCI, FSC and other certifications, provides you with professional and guaranteed services in an all-round way.
Online shop
Online shop
Online shop

Quick Quotation For Furniture

If our pictures and products can't meet your needs, our designers can make the samples you need for you alone according to your opinions, so as to ensure that your needs can be 100% met. Please don't hesitate. You can ask any of our salesmen about the service of providing product catalogs and samples, and your request will be arranged and replied as soon as possible.
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We are a manufacturer of high-quality indoor and outdoor restaurant furniture, committed to providing excellent products and services. We offer one-stop solutions for restaurant furniture wholesale and customization. Please send an inquiry to get detailed product information, prices, and delivery schedules provided by our professional team. Contact us anytime for further assistance. Let's establish a long-term partnership and grow together.
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