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Are you still worrying about choosing dining room furniture?

If you have been eager to revitalize your dining space and give some design love to this area, then now is the perfect time to begin such a project!

How To Choose the Right Bar Chair

When you are looking for the perfect bar chair, several factors like the stool height, color, the materials used, and the style have to be taken into consideration. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right bar chair.

Determine the Height

Some restaurant owners make the mistake of choosing a bar stool that’s either too tall or too short. Besides being incredibly uncomfortable, they look disproportionate, as well. Here’s a list for three of the most common bar stool heights:

Counter Stools – For surfaces that are around 36″ off the ground, consider opting for bar stools that are approximately 24-26″ high. As this is the standard height for most countertops, you should ideally look for this kind of bar stool for your establishment.

Classic Bar Stools – The standard height for bars is approximately 42”, so the height of your stool should be no more than 30”. Tall Bar Stools – You can always opt for extra-tall bar stools if the surface is unusually high (around 48”). In such cases, choose bar stools that measure around 34-36”. They make an excellent choice for viewing parties, as well.

Select a Style 

Bar stools are available in a wide range of styles and shapes. This makes it essential to consider your comfort needs and the aesthetic of the space before you decide what you want. Here are a few of the most popular choices:

Backless – Backless bar stools are one of the most common designs used in restaurants. These stools are an excellent choice if you want to save space, and wish to keep the seats hidden beneath the countertop. However, their downside is that they are uncomfortable, which will prevent customers from sitting for too long.

Stools With Arms – Barstools with arms are a perfect choice if comfort is your main priority. They offer far more support and comfort than traditional backless stools. The only drawback for these stools is that they’re wider than the backless ones, which means you end up having fewer stools at your bar.

Keep Space 

Besides the surface height, it is also crucial to know the bar length before buying the stools. The length of the bar determines the number of seats you can place. Here are a few measuring tips that will help you with the bar stool placement:

Personal space – Each bar stool must have roughly 21-24″ of space. In other words, the distance between the center of two seats beside each other should be around 26-30″. This prevents people from hitting each other on the elbow while drinking or eating.

Ample Legroom – While measuring, ensure that your bar stools fall 9-12″ below the base of your countertop. This ensures that your customers’ knees don’t bump the countertop each time they move.


Similar to how we pick furniture, it’s essential to choose the perfect material while buying bar stools. You may either be looking for something with a particular style, or one that’s durable.

The Steel and Aluminium material stronger than other material .Big size seat and comfortable backrest cross back chair are good choose for commercial use .

CDG is a commercial furniture factory, main in metal and Aluminum commercial dining furniture, metal, Aluminum dining chair, dining table,bar chair, stool,bar table ,table base and table top .

Why Your restaurant Needs CDG chairs

Choosing chairs for your cafe is harder than it sounds particularly as there are so many and you’re choosing for other people. Fortunately, we’ve got a chair that we’re sure will tick the majority of your boxes and that your customers will love – say hello to our Thonet chairs.

Thonet chairs – the benefits

These fabulous chairs provide numerous benefits for cafe owners including:


Aluminum is exceptionally hard-wearing and the powder coating adds further protection again scratches and marks. Better still, they’re lighter than wooden chairs and can be easily moved from one place to another to meet customers’ needs.


Despite its light weight, Aluminum is exceedingly strong which when you consider the variety of sized people that will be sitting on them, is an essential element in a cafe chair. Many of our chairs are certified by the Intertek which tests for strength, comfort, durability and more, so you can purchase them with confidence.

Easy to maintain

Finally, it’s good to know that Thonet chairs look after themselves and no maintenance is required. That’s because the joints are securely welded together so there are no nuts and bolts to come loose. Additionally, these chairs are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, so again hassle-free.

Why CDG Metal Chair are Perfect for Your Restaurant

When it comes to picking the right seating for your eatery, you just can’t go wrong with a metal chair. You may have noticed more and more restaurants are upgrading from plastic chairs, moving away from wood and toward metal with increasing regularity.What is it about metal chairs that restaurant owners find so darn appealing?Today we’ll look at 5 reasons that may have you considering metal for your next seating upgrade.

Why You Should Consider Metal Chairs

Offer a Resilient and Timeless Seating Option:

The fact that metal is wonderfully resilient is one of its biggest selling features. Restaurant owners who offer indoor and outdoor dining love the fact that metal chairs show very little deterioration, even after being exposed to the elements…for decades.

Adding an anti-rust coating to chairs that will live outdoors further increases their longevity, and colorful cushions made of weather-resistant material offer guests a bit of comfort while encouraging them to linger over their meal.

Available in a Myriad of Designs

Metal chairs are available in a variety of design styles and colors. Others are sleek and stylish, perfect for the modern restaurant and cafe ,And, if you have an industrial-styled eatery, metal chairs are absolute perfection, offering that powerful element to go along with rich woods and exposed pipes.

Can Be Stackable

Stackable metal chairs are a lifesaver for restaurant owners with seasonal outdoor eating spaces. Once the temperatures begin to drop, chairs can be stacked and moved to an out-of-the way location until your patio is back in business. Reducing the chairs’ exposure to the elements allows them to last even longer.

Stackable chairs are equally valuable indoors where they allow business owners to customise the layout of their dining area, adding seating options during busy seasons and neatly stacking out of the way when business is slower.

Even if you aren’t storing chairs long term, having the option of stacking makes cleaning restaurant floors infinitely easier. Gone are the days of stacking chairs on tables to get to the floors. Now you can stack chairs on themselves, neatly out of the way, while floors are cleaned at the end of the night.

Unlike bulky wooden chairs, metal chairs are more streamlined, making the dining area of your restaurant appear larger and roomier, and keeping guest from feeling overcrowded.

Surprisingly Comfortable

People sometimes assume metal chairs will be uncomfortable, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Metal chairs can be purchased in a variety of ergonomic styles with comfortable seats and backs that support the spine. Once again, upholstered seat cushions can be added to up the cozy factor of any metal chair.

How to Find the Best Restaurant Furniture Helpful Tips

·When you go shopping for restaurant furniture, it's important that you have an idea of what you want in mind. Although you may have a lot of choices to make, knowing what you want to get while shopping can cut down on time and effort shopping for commercial furniture. Remember, the furniture should match the theme of your restaurant, it's important you get matching furniture to prevent your restaurant from looking off.·When shopping for commercial furniture, choose appeal and comfort before style. Although the style is important to have for your restaurant, you don't want to buy tables and chairs your customers won't want to sit on or feel comfortable sitting at.·Whatever furniture you buy, make sure that you can maintain it yourself and it can last for years to come.

Restaurant Seating

When looking for what kind of commercial restaurant furniture to buy, it's important to have an idea of what kind of layout you need to buy for. For example, do you need standard tables? Or, do you need bar or bistro tables? It's important to know this because every type of setting requires different types of seating.

Commercial bar stools

Typically come with wooden and metal frames but are usually available in a number of finishes to match your restaurant's décor. Something to keep in mind, bar stools that come in metal or wooden, But metal are easier to clean.

Restaurant chairs

Usually customer prefer to choose metal chair which are easier to clean on a regular basis.The frame are more stronger than wooden,Good for commercial use. If you're a popular restaurant, you should consider buying stackable chairs that are easier to store every night and save the space .CDG specialized on the contract metal furniture ,Always are consider how to help customers to save the cost ,So we at least have 90% of the dining chair can be stackable .

Restaurant Tables

Tables for your restaurant can be bought as all-in-one sets or as separate bases and tops. An advantage of buying tables in separate pieces is that, if something becomes damaged, you can replace just the damaged part. This is less expensive than replacing a full table. The tops of the table are available in a few different shapes including round, square, and rectangular. You can find them in a range of sizes and materials, These are durable and easy to clean.

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