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Are you still worrying about choosing dining room furniture?

If you have been eager to revitalize your dining space and give some design love to this area, then now is the perfect time to begin such a project!

How to Choose Right Dining Table for your Family?

Dining Table is very import for family,you can said that a dining table is the heart of your home.You enjoy Breakfasts, Lunches and Dininer together with all your family menber there.Dining table is a place where you share stories and laughter, a place whre hoursework is done, and newspaers and magazine are read.It is one of your home's centrepiece.CDG is one more than 16 years experience dining furniture factory.We know how to choose right dining table for your family.Here some guide to help you choose your dining table:

What size table do you need?

How many member in your family? If always have guests visit? How large is your dining room, Kitchen,or Garden?

These question will help you have a right frame to selecting a Dining table.The size is the first thing for choosing a dining table.

What Shape Table Will you Buy?

There are serval table shapes you can choose from.At CDG we have Round, Sqaure and Rectangular shape.A rectangular table is the traditional favourite and will highlight the room with its clean defined lines. But choose what shape, depen on your place.

What material Table will you buy?

Normally furniture make of bellowing kind main materials:

1.Timber (Solid wood)



Metal material incoulding Steel, Aluminium

CDG is one metal furniture specialist. Our material is Steel and Aluminium, but can be matched with Timber, Upholstered. When choosing a dining table, you have to consider where you will place it, indoors or outdoors, not only if suitable but also can match your environment. CDG's dining table and chair can be used indoor and outdoor, there are modern, industrial and vintage styles for options.

How to choosing kitchen stool

Here share some tips how to choosing the good kitchen stoolChoosing your ideal kitchen stool requires some thought as our kitchen's play an important role in the social dynamics of any household - it is often seen as the centre of home life.

Around the kitchen bench all the big decisions are discussed, friends relax for an informal meal, homework is done, and most importantly the peanut gallery watches the chef prepare the meals for the family. As such it is of vital importance that you have comfortable Kitchen Bench Stools, as you will find your family spends more time around the kitchen bench than at the dining table.

CDG is a commercial furniture factory, main in metal and Aluminum commercial dining furniture, metal, Aluminum dining chair, dining table,bar chair, stool,bar table ,table base and table top .

How To Choose Dining Furniture

Who really wants the same old same old when it comes to dining décor? That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to source the perfect pieces for dining room style with a difference. From cool and contemporary to comforting and classic, you’ll find dining furniture ranges that reflect your taste and offer oodles of tempting choice.

When it comes to dining tables, you’ll find our choice second to none – but how do you know which one is right for you and your dining room?

The first thing to consider is which room your dining table is going in. Is it a formal setting or casual kitchen diner? And practically, how much space do you have? Next consider how many people you regularly cater for. Are you a dinner party animal or more a quiet meal for two type? If you’re a bit of both, then one of our extending dining tables could be just the thing.

Back in the day, the unwritten law of eating etiquette said dining chairs and table had to match. And whilst that still works – especially in more formal settings – it’s fair to say you can have a bit more fun with dining chairs these days. It’s quite okay to mix-and-match to introduce a bit of variety into proceedings.

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