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  • What materials are available for your furniture and can it be customized?
    Our furniture can be made from a variety of materials, such as solid wood, HPL board, metal, leather, fabric, and more. We also offer customization services to meet the different needs and preferences of our customers. Our design team can help clients choose the most suitable materials and colors, and create unique furniture based on their specific requirements.

    May 24,2023
  • Can the size and color of furniture be customized according to customer needs?
    Yes, we can customize the size and color of our furniture according to our customers' needs. Our design team can work with customers to develop a customized plan to ensure that the product meets their requirements and expectations. Customers can choose their preferred colors and sizes to ensure that the furniture fits their space and style. If needed, you can also provide drawings to us for sampling and production.
    May 24,2023
  • Does your furniture comply with local regulations and standards?
    Yes, our furniture complies with local regulations and standards. We place great emphasis on the quality of our products and all of our furniture undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure that they meet safety, health, and environmental standards. Our materials and production processes also comply with local regulations and standards to ensure that our products are reliable and of high quality. For example, we meet the UK's fire retardant standards, Australia's wood fumigation requirements, and if your restaurant is located by the sea, our products undergo salt spray testing. If you have any special requirements, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to fulfill your requests.
    May 24,2023
  • How long does the production cycle take? How do customers know the progress?
    The length of the production cycle depends on the type and quantity of the product. After confirming the order, we will determine the production cycle based on the specific situation of the order and communicate with the customer. Throughout the production process, we will provide customers with production progress information through progress reports, production progress tables, pictures, videos, and other means, allowing them to keep track of the progress of their orders. At the same time, we welcome customers to contact our customer service team at any time to inquire about the production status of their orders. Through these methods, customers can timely understand the production progress of their orders and have a clear expectation of the production cycle.
    May 24,2023
  • If I need to make changes or adjustments to my furniture order, how will it be handled?
    If you need to make changes or adjustments to your order, we will do our best to accommodate your request. During the production process, we will keep in communication with you and provide progress reports. If you need to make changes to your order, we will work to process the change as quickly as possible and confirm the details of the revised order with you to ensure that the final product meets your requirements. If you require rework, we will evaluate the situation and determine whether it is necessary to remake the product or perform repairs, and work with you to reach the best possible solution. Whatever happens, we will do everything we can to ensure that you are satisfied with our service and products.
    May 24,2023
  • How can customers contact your after-sales service team?
    Customers can contact our after-sales service team through various channels. We provide phone, email, and online chat support for customers to reach us conveniently. Our after-sales service team will respond promptly and address any questions or concerns that customers may have. If needed, we can also dispatch technicians to provide on-site service for customers. Whatever problems customers encounter, we will make every effort to provide efficient and professional after-sales service.

    Contact after-sales team:
    Whatsapp/Tel: +86  13929526737

    May 24,2023
  • What customer stories and recommendations do you have?

    We have received many customer feedback and cases, and have recorded them.You can refer to our“Project” and“Solution” pages



    May 24,2023
  • Do you provide a warranty on your furniture?
    Yes, we do provide a warranty on our furniture. The warranty period and coverage vary depending on the type of furniture and its specifications. Generally, our furniture is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a certain period of time after purchase.

    During the warranty period, if any defects arise due to manufacturing issues, we will provide either repair or replacement services, depending on the nature of the defect and the best solution for the customer.
    May 13,2024
  • What kind of seating should I choose for my restaurant?
    Seating choices should be based on comfort and practicality. For fast-food or cafes, simple chairs that are easy to clean and move might be suitable. For more upscale restaurants, you might want to consider upholstered chairs for added comfort and a touch of luxury.
    Jan 23,2024
  • How do I choose the right furniture for my restaurant?
    When selecting furniture for your restaurant, consider factors such as the size of the space, the style of the restaurant, comfort, durability, and budget. Make sure the furniture dimensions fit your space and complement the overall design of your restaurant.
    Jan 23,2024
  • What are the main products in the furniture industry?
    The main products in the furniture industry include Bar chair and tabkle,carbinet, beds, sofas, wardrobes, dining tables and chairs, bookcases, etc.
    Jan 20,2024
  • What are the production processes in the furniture industry?
    The production processes in the furniture industry include solid wood processing, board processing, curved wood processing, soft processing, etc.
    Jan 20,2024
  • How can I choose the right commercial furniture for my needs?
    Choosing the right commercial furniture for your needs requires considering several factors such as the purpose and function of the furniture (e.g., seating, tables, storage), the space available and layout of the area where the furniture will be placed, durability and longevity of the furniture material, budget constraints, aesthetics and design preferences, ease of assembly and installation if required, and any specific features or functionality required (e.g., built-in USB charging ports). It's important to also consider any health and safety regulations that may apply in your workspace or establishment.
    Jan 5,2024
  • What is the competitive landscape in the commercial furniture industry?
    The commercial furniture industry is highly competitive due to a large number of manufacturers and suppliers offering a range of products and services. The competition is fiercest among companies that offer similar products or services at similar price points. To stay competitive in this market, companies need to offer high-quality products or services at competitive prices while maintaining good relationships with their customers through excellent service and support.
    Jan 5,2024
  • What are the trending materials in commercial furniture?
    Trends in commercial furniture materials include sustainable and eco-friendly options like bamboo, reclaimed wood, and recycled plastics or metals. Additionally, there is a trend toward flexible and modular designs that can adapt to various spaces and usage needs.
    Dec 29,2023
  • How important is ergonomics in commercial furniture?
    Ergonomics is extremely important in commercial furniture as it affects the comfort and productivity of users. Especially in office settings, ergonomic chairs and desks can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and increase employee satisfaction and efficiency.
    Dec 29,2023
  • What are some safety standards for restaurant furniture?
    Restaurant furniture should comply with local health and safety standards. This may include stability testing, use of fire-retardant materials, and non-toxic paints or finishes. Ensure that the furniture meets national or regional regulatory requirements when choosing them.
    Dec 11,2023
  • How to maximize the layout of a small space restaurant?
    For small space restaurants, the focus is on efficient space planning. Multi-functional furniture, folding or stackable chairs and tables can save space. Utilizing vertical space with wall-mounted shelves and using barstools with high tables are also good approaches. Clear pathways and flexible seating arrangements can help with customer flow./oid1749887/Professional-Restaurant-Furniture-Sourcing-Guide.htm
    Apr 29,2024
  • How to maintain and clean restaurant furniture?
    Depending on the material, special cleaning methods and products might be required. For instance, wooden furniture may need specific wood cleaners, while metal furniture might just need wiping down to remove fingerprints and stains. Always follow the manufacturer's care guidelines to extend the lifespan of your furniture.
    Dec 9,2023
  • How should choose restaurant furniture to fit different styles and needs?
    When selecting restaurant furniture, consider the overall design theme and target clientele of the restaurant first. For example, fast-food or casual dining might suit simple, durable furniture, while fine dining may require more elegant, refined options. Durability and ease of cleaning the materials, space planning, and customer flow are also important factors.
    Dec 9,2023
  • Is there a minimum order required?

    Due to shipping costs there is a minimum order of 10 items for chairs, bar stools and tables, which may be mixed or matched. There is no minimum requirement for restaurant booths. For more information, please contact our sales department.

    Apr 25,2024
  • Do you sell to households?

    We make commercial furniture mainly intended for the food and entertainment industry. Certain items are available for sale to private customers, depending on the quantity sold.

    Dec 14,2022
  • Does the furniture come with a warranty?

    Our furniture is covered by one of the most extensive warranties in the industry. The warranty period varies on different products. For more information, please contact our sales department.

    Dec 14,2022
  • Where is your furniture made?

    Many of our products such as our chairs, bar stools, tables and restaurant furniture are made in China. All of our furniture is thoroughly checked for quality control.

    Dec 14,2022
  • What is commercial grade furniture?

    Commercial grade furniture is built to a much higher standard than home furniture. Because commercial furniture is subject to heavy usage in the food service industry it must be stronger and more durable for safety reasons. All of our furniture is built to meet the highest industry standards and our chairs and tables are strength tested by BSCI, which sets the industry standards for commercial furniture and requires tests to certify compliance in Europe.

    Dec 14,2022
  • What is your main market?

    Our main markets are European Union countries, American countries, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa and some Asian countries.

    Dec 14,2022
  • What is your payment term?

    TT & LC at Sight   

    Dec 14,2022
  • What is your delivery time?

    Sample Order: 7-15days for our existing items after the payment.       

    Mass  Order: around 45days after the deposit or LC.

    Dec 14,2022
  • What is your strong point?
    Customized Services: We specialize in providing customized restaurant furniture to meet our clients' unique branding and space requirements, whether it's in terms of design, dimensions, or materials. We adjust according to our clients' needs to ensure satisfaction.

    Professional Design Team: With our experienced design team, we can offer innovative design solutions based on our clients' ideas and requirements, ensuring that the final products are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

    High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship: We use high-quality materials and focus on craftsmanship details to ensure that every piece of furniture has high durability and a refined appearance, providing clients with a stable long-term usage experience.

    Quality Control and After-Sales Service: We strictly control the quality throughout the production process, ensuring that each product meets standards. Additionally, we provide comprehensive after-sales services to address any issues our clients may encounter during use.

    Flexible Delivery and Competitive Pricing: We can provide flexible delivery options and competitive pricing based on our clients' timelines and budget requirements, while ensuring quality remains uncompromised.
    Apr 25,2024
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