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CDG Catalog:Chairs, Tables And Furniture

Discover the latest edition of the CDG product Catalog! You will be able to browse through all of our creations: chairs, bar chairs, barstools, benches and tables in a variety of styles. You can chose the perfect furniture for your restaurant decoration among more than 500 products, from classic to modern, metal or wood, indoor and outdoor. the chairs, tables and furniture, with their unique design, will complete your restaurant decoration and charm all of your customers, whether you own a hotel, a restaurant or a bar.

CDG Furniture

2022-2023 Catalog Part1

CDG Furniture

2022-2023 Catalog Part2

CDG Furniture

2022-2023 Catalog Part3

CDG Furniture

2022-2023 Catalog Part4

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CDG Catalog:Chairs, Tables And Furniture

Why not turn your idea into reality?

This is a new era, this is an era of personalization, this is a colorful era. Dining chairs, tables and furniture are no longer simple tools. We will provide you with unique, novel, fashionable and multi style choices. Are you still hesitant about different styles? Are you still hesitant about different collocations? Why not turn your idea into reality?

One of them will meet your needs

Browse our freshly-landed new products in our catalogue, you will find the inspiration of interior design and outdoor space you need.Aluminum chairs, leather chairs, Fabric chairs, bar stools, all styles of tables, and more unique CDG original designs brought together in our catalogue just for professionals. We can provide you with rich product catalogs, dozens of products, hundreds of styles, thousands of collocations, and one of them will meet your needs.

We will respond to your request as soon as possible

If our pictures and products can't meet your needs, our designers can make the samples you need for you alone according to your opinions, so as to ensure that your needs can be 100% met. Please don't hesitate. You can ask any of our salesmen about the service of providing product catalogs and samples, and your request will be arranged and replied as soon as possible.

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We are a manufacturer of high-quality indoor and outdoor restaurant furniture, committed to providing excellent products and services. We offer one-stop solutions for restaurant furniture wholesale and customization. Please send an inquiry to get detailed product information, prices, and delivery schedules provided by our professional team. Contact us anytime for further assistance. Let's establish a long-term partnership and grow together.
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