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The Complete Guide to Buying an Outdoor Bar Set

Are you still worrying about choosing dining room furniture?

If you have been eager to revitalize your dining space and give some design love to this area, then now is the perfect time to begin such a project!

The Complete Guide to Buying an Outdoor Bar Set

August 22,2022
Enjoying a drink with friends is a great way to bond. The most likely focal point of a party is where you sit–a combination of a high table and bar counter or bar chairs, perfect for chatting and relaxing.

The type of chairs, tables, and bars you choose will depend on your preferences. Taller bar and counter chairs can make a space look more spacious and add sophistication and style to any outdoor space.

Read on to learn how to choose the perfect bar and counter set for your next party.

Step 1 - Choose the right bar table for your bar or counter

While your bar and counter chairs and stools are important, you and your guests need a place to rest with your drinks and snacks. Depending on how many people you are likely to entertain at one time, you can decide the shape and size of the bar you need.

Match the size of the bar table to the number of people you want to serve. You may want to use a slightly larger table than usual so you have plenty of room for guests and others. Even if you don't use all the tables all the time, the extra space makes it a little easier to move around, sit and relax.

Form and function of bar charts - points to consider

Think carefully about the height of the bar. Lower counter tables are better for relaxing and enjoying casual parties, while higher tables mean people will sit longer (even better if you want to create a "traditional" bar environment).

Look at the position of the legs on your bar - this will affect where you can easily place chairs and eat.

Consider the overall size of the bar and how much space it needs when surrounded by chairs.

Make sure you have enough space on your deck or patio to comfortably hold a table and chairs while allowing people to move around quickly.

If you want to install a parasol, look for a bar with a central hole.

Step 2 - Choose the right bar or counter chair for your space

The real challenge of a bar or counter is choosing the right chairs. Besides style, form, and function, the main thing you want to explore is height. How does this work:

Bar-height chairs and stools are typically between 28 and 33 inches tall and work best with bar-height tables, usually around 40 to 42 inches.

Counter-height chairs and stools are typically between 24 and 27 inches high and work best with counter-height tables that are 34 to 36 inches tall.

You need 9 to 13 inches from the stool or chair seat to the table's underside.

Choose a chair or stool with a footrest so your legs don't get tired.

If you have a chair with armrests, make sure it fits your bar.

Leave a few feet between chairs.

You may not want to combine counter chairs with bar tables and vice versa. Aside from looking a little odd, the difference in size can mean the furniture isn't very comfortable to use.

When you're deciding on your height, it's time to get out a tape measure, carefully measure how tall you think you want your bar or counter to be, and choose chairs and stools appropriately.

For simplicity, you can purchase a complete bar set - a bar or counter table with two, four, or six matching chairs.

Bar chair form and function - points to consider

Choose chairs that match the height of your bar or counter so you can relax in comfort.

Consider how much space people need to move easily between chairs and choose the correct number and size of chairs accordingly.

Choose colors and styles that complement your bar and your entire outdoor space.

Step 3 - Figure out how much space you have

Take a look at the various bar combinations available, and as you narrow down your options, think about the overall "footprint" or space that the tables and chairs will occupy.

Measure your outdoor space carefully, and use tape or other means to mark the dimensions of the table before purchasing.

Then, create similar templates for the chairs so you can see how they will interact with the table and the space as a whole.

You need some space between the chairs and enough space outside for people to move around easily.

If you don't keep the bar outside year-round, you'll need to exercise if you have enough space to store it.

Step 4 - Choose the right color for your bar set

If you're buying a pine, oak, teak, or wicker bar set, you may be limited in your choice of colors and finishes. If you are buying HDPE lumber, you will have many options.

Most of our bar sets are available in a variety of shades. From beautiful grays, browns, greens, and other earthy colors, to vibrant reds, yellows, blues, and more.

Bottom line

There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect bar set. We hope this buyer's guide has provided you with all the information you need to make an informed choice. If you are planning to buy a bar set, please contact us.

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