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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Patio Furniture More Durable

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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Patio Furniture More Durable

October 24,2022
outdoor furniture
Your backyard can be a beautiful outdoor living room with stunning patio furniture. Tables for all barbecues, comfy chairs around the fire pit, and a play set to keep the kids entertained. With proper maintenance, your patio furniture can last for years. Just follow these simple steps to make your patio furniture last longer:

How to make your outdoor furniture more durable?

1. Keep it clean

This step depends on what material your patio furniture is made of.

If it's weatherproof metal, don't worry about cleaning it too much. Just wipe with soapy water.

To make hardwood patio furniture last longer, be sure to use a penetrating oil cleaner. It helps keep you hydrated. 

If you have wicker, the process is more complicated. Spray it down with water, then use a soft brush with soap to clean tougher spaces. The last thing you want is mold or mildew in there, so put it in the sun to dry afterward.

Keep in mind that the pads and their covers also need some cleaning. Our top tip to make these cushions more durable is to make sure they are completely dry before you store them.

If you have cloth furniture, you can machine wash it on a gentle cycle to clean the canvas. If you want to brighten the whites, add bleach, but be aware that it will cause the fabric to wear out faster. The sun can bleach cloth more gently. To avoid shrinkage, hang the canvas outside for a few hours.

2. Cover it up

If you live in an area with mild winters, we recommend using a table and chair cover. A waterproof patio table cover with UV protection helps keep colors strong. These vinyl covers are key in off-season weather and can make your patio furniture last longer. 

Don't forget to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. Putting outdoor tables and chairs under an umbrella is an easy way to shade from the sun, but rain will get in. You are better off using full furniture covers.

When deciding what kind of cover to buy, keep in mind that high-quality covers are usually double-stitched for longevity. Make sure you have enough airflow under your lid. Without it, mold and mildew can be a problem. 

3. Put it away

If you want to make your patio furniture more durable, take care to store it indoors during the winter. Not many things stay clean and new during harsh winters or inclement weather.

Keep vinyl coverings on furniture to protect it from abrasion or unnecessary storage moisture. It's still in mint condition when you take it out for summer. 

If you have wooden tables and chairs or any type of mosaic, then this tip is definitely for you. Temperature fluctuations and potential moisture damage can cause additional wear. Store your patio furniture to make it last longer.

If your patio furniture is beyond repair, it's time to start over. If you want to buy new outdoor furniture, please contact us.

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