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Commercial Hotel Furniture Buying Guide

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Commercial Hotel Furniture Buying Guide

January 28,2023
Commercial Hotel Furniture
When entering a hospitality establishment such as a hotel, restaurant, bar, or cafe, the first thing you notice is the general ambiance and interior design of the establishment. From wall color and trim to floor layout and commercial hotel furniture, the overall ambiance and interior design of a hospitality establishment speak volumes about the intelligence behind the scenes.

The most prominent element is the commercial reception furniture laid out throughout the hotel. From the look and feel to the experience you aim to provide, this type of bar furniture will give your customers their first impression of your venue.

Ultimately, your client's first impression of your establishment will determine your status and further enhance your market competitiveness as a hospitality establishment in the industry. That's why a customer's first impression of a hospitality establishment is very important in the hospitality and customer service industry.

Commercial hotel furniture is basically the merchandise you see in hotels, restaurants, and other commercial places and environments. Such furniture includes, but is not limited to, seating furniture such as lounge chairs, dining chairs, sofas and ottomans, and tables such as bar counters and dining tables.

What Makes Commercial Hotel Furniture Different?

There are subtle differences between commercial hotel furniture and typical residential furniture. As the name suggests, commercial hotel furniture is often used in establishments that provide customer service and guest accommodation, such as hotels, restaurants, and bars. In contrast, residential furniture is typically intended for homeowners and families to use in their own homes.

In some cases, such as boutique hotel furniture, the furniture may look more like a home but still be used for commercial purposes. It can be very confusing, but unlike traditional upscale hotels, boutique hotels tend to make guests feel right at home. So cater to their preferences with custom commercial hotel furniture.

Custom hospitality furniture is designed to resist the wear and tear of constant use by many different guests over such an extended period of time. They're primarily about ease of maintenance and are made with commercial-grade materials for stability and durability. This is especially true for restaurants, bars, cafes, boutique hotels, and even co-working spaces.

Commercial hotel furniture must follow timely commercial-grade standards such as AWI and FSC standards. Therefore, it is imperative that you purchase furniture from a knowledgeable furniture manufacturer who meets such standards to ensure that you are purchasing high-quality furniture that is fit for purpose.

Advantages of Working with a Certified Commercial Furniture Manufacturer

Working with a certified commercial furniture manufacturer benefits you in many ways. First and foremost, you get high-quality and unpretentious workmanship, products, and services that meet appropriate global standards.

These hotel manufacturers have streamlined their production and delivery schedules across the board, which will then be coordinated with you. This is to allow you enough time to plan and buy to fit your own schedule.

Who Uses Commercial Hotel Furniture?

Hospitality facilities are a major target market for commercial hotel furniture manufacturers. Hospitality establishments are businesses that provide products and services to consumers through different hospitality segments, including food and beverage (F&B), travel and tourism, lodging, and entertainment.

These establishments are hotels, boutique hotels, motels, restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars, and more. These businesses are often located in high-traffic areas such as downtowns, business districts, food courts, and parks. This means they reach many key populations and they are delivering their products and services to many guests and customers every day.

This exposure can cause damage to their property if not properly maintained. As a result, they often have to purchase commercial-grade materials, especially their furniture, in order to be more cost-effective and provide the best service to their customers.

What to Look for in Commercial Hotel Furniture?


When choosing custom hotel furniture, comfort must be a top priority. You need to be aware of the fact that you won't be the only one using them. Guests and clients will also use your furniture. This will significantly affect the impression your guests and customers have of your hotel services.

We recommend substrates and finishes for your hotel furniture. They must be stable and durable to resist tearing and abrasion from constant use. Finishes must be free from wear and smooth. In addition, the dimensions of the furniture must be provided.

Commercial Hotel Furniture Style

Subsequently, style and aesthetics must also be considered in order to provide your hospitality establishment with a pleasing ambiance and atmosphere. When styling custom hotel furniture, keep in mind the general interior design style of your establishment. Identify and determine certain aspects of design style that can be incorporated into furniture, such as color palettes, general silhouettes, and patterns.

We recommend incorporating subtle hints of personality into your furniture to make it unique. The most prominent element in the design is the color palette, which is why you need to choose the right colors and curves for the silhouette of the furniture to achieve a harmonious and cohesive overall effect.

The customizability of Commercial Hotel Furniture

A key factor in more personalized furniture is its adaptability and customizability. Choosing and mixing and matching furniture is a lot easier if you can customize it to your liking. This will also help you achieve a more cohesive and synchronized whole. For example, you can choose the colors and finishes of your furniture according to your artistic and creative preferences.

Quantity and Layout

You also have to consider the amount and layout of furniture throughout the property. Always be aware of foot traffic along the way. Planning the layout of your venue can be very challenging as you will consider many factors such as pathways, number of patrons or capacity, dimensions, and placement of furniture combinations and pieces.

We recommend that you plan your layout from the perspective of guests and customers. Think like a customer and choose the location that provides the best customer service. Consider great spaces that offer exquisite views of the exterior while also leaving room for admiration of your interiors.

Mix and Match Commercial Hotel Furniture

Emphasizing your layout is good for your institution. To achieve this, you can mix and match your furniture so that different areas in your property are distinct from each other.

First, identify the different areas in your institution and identify their respective locations. From there, you can distribute different furniture between zones. In the end, we recommend choosing furniture that is varied but still cohesive and complementary.

Choose furniture with the same color scheme or at least close to each other. This will emphasize the cohesion and harmony of the different areas. In addition, the style and structure of different furniture must be at least the same and complementary. Make sure the furniture you choose matches your interior design style. This way, you can achieve distinguishable areas without compromising the overall interior appearance.

Place of Use

You have to consider whether your furniture will be used indoors or outdoors. We recommend that you pay attention to harsh external environmental conditions that may cause the furniture to age. Choose durable and resilient patio furniture that can withstand extreme weather conditions outside.

Also, consider furniture pieces that can be easily stacked and moved to storage in case of heavy rain and other strong weather conditions. This is crucial to the life expectancy of the furniture, which in turn provides cost benefits.

The above introduces the purchase guide for commercial hotel furniture, if you want to buy commercial furniture, please contact us.

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